Your Quick Guide to Geofencing

Many business owners these days are continuously looking for ways to improve their marketing strategies and one of them is SMS marketing or text message marketing. SMS marketing is one of the most popular ways to advertise you products and services because it can allow you to directly reach your clients through their mobile phones. With it, you can also reach your target market effectively because you can choose to who will you send your advertisements to. Check out  Propellant Media to get started.

Imagine if you have a shop and you are having a 50% sale on your items. It is impossible for all of your customers to know that you are having a sale if you just put up a signage that you are on sale except if your customers actually pass by your shop. However, if you send them a text message about your sale, you are most likely to encourage them to visit your shop. But how can you make sure that you will reach the right people with your SMS marketing? The answer for that is geofencing marketing.

Geofencing marketing allows to you restrict your SMS marketing to the right people within your target. With the use of Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS, 3G and all other networks, geofencing will collect data about the people near you who may be interested with your products and services so you whenever you feel like luring them to your shop to buy your products or avail of your services, you can send them a text message regarding your promotions. Visit for more info.

For instance, if you are selling running shoes and you are having a huge sale and promo, you can use geofencing to collect information about the people around your area most specifically those who use networks such as Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS and 3G in the nearby gym for instance or at a neighboring park. That way, if they receive your message at the right time, there is a higher chance that they will visit your shop right after their workout in the gym or their jog in the park.

There is no doubt geofencing is really beneficial for your marketing strategies most especially SMS marketing because with it, you can restrict your reach within your target market so you will only send your text messages to the people within your area. This means that you can effectively reach them at the right time and at the right place.

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