What You Should Know Regarding Geofencing Marketing

The mobile devices are highly used for reading those customer reviews and also finding such local businesses and most of all, shopping. Text messaging has really been the traditional communication method instead of being used an advertising channel but things are starting to change. You must know about geofencing marketing which is now the new technology which makes it possible for the many businesses these days to be able to target the customers according to their present location and such is really showing a fantastic promise for those brick-and-mortar businesses. What is geofencing? Click here to find out.

A lot of the smartphone users are certainly sending and receiving SMS messages often. And since the consumers are making use of their mobile devices more often for commerce, it just makes sense for the retailers to tap into such popularity of the text messaging for the purpose of advertising. However, there is a problem, you should know that sending out mass text messages can be quite wasteful when you don't know if the consumers which you are trying to target are anywhere near the location where you are. Visit  propellant.media for more info.

Some location targeting is really possible by targeting the consumers according to a particular area. However, even such doesn't mean that the customer is within that reasonable distance of the business if the advertisement is sent. Well, this is where such geofencing marketing comes in and this would create that virtual perimeter which would filter those consumers according to their precise location. This would mean that the retailers can send such last-minute deal notice to those consumers in a one-mile radius of such retail shopping center.

Such effectiveness of the geofencing marketing campaign is certainly based on the radius or perimeter. Particular types of businesses do better with such smaller radius, especially when there is a huge number of competition. For instance, the coffee shops perhaps have so many competitors within the 10-mile radius, so the customers would be less motivated to go five extra miles of driving to be able to save 50 cents on their cup of coffee.

However, the other kinds of businesses, like the specialty retail stores which don't have competitors in the perimeter can readily get away with a larger radius. This is because of the fact that there is more motivation for the customer to go and drive 10 miles to be able to take advantage of such great deal which they are not able to get elsewhere.
To read more about this, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geo-fence.